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For people who do not read in Chinese.

First of all, welcome to visit Stupid77.com, our name in English is [Turning Thirty...].

There are several authors in this blog, we are from Taiwan and Mainland China, and with our different background and  view, you can understand how
we watch the whole Chinese world, and even the interaction between the Chinese and
the west.

We pay more attention on the following fields: e-publish, ebook, ecommerce, virtual integration, mobile application, internet marketing, website operation, technical law.

Here we write our life experience and what we observed (such as internet environment, career, Financial economic, law enactment, and the travel experience) down
for personal introspection and to be the future direction. Hope it's also hopeful for all of you.
And while we show our comment, we wish to have more feedback from all of you; even it is an opposite opinion.

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